Thai Favourites

All main dishes include free steamed jasmine rice.
Or you can add : brown rice, fried rice (+1€), riceberry (+1€) or noodles (+1€).


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Crispy Sweet Chilli Chicken

Lightly floured crispy chicken served with a sticky sweet and savory sauce with onions and red peppers.  A San Sab favorite.

Crispy Wok Fried Thai Chicken Salad

A seriously authentic Thai flavour here. Crispy fried chicken mixed with lemongrass, lime, shollots, tomato, corriander, and chilli. Served with steamed jasmine rice. It's another level in flavour!

A new staff favourite!! 

Nua Pad Nam Man Hoi

Tender sliced beef fillet, stir fried with oyster sauce and fresh vegetables.  Light on taste if you do not enjoy a strong chilli experience.

Tamarind Duck

Duck breast served on a bed of crispy noodles with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.  Served with freshly steamed jasmine rice.

Pad Kra Pao

Stir fry with Thai holy basil, garlic and chilli.
Options avalaible : chicken, beef, prawn, duck (+1€), tofu, vegetarian.

Pad Med Mamuang

A popular San Sab stir fry served with cashew nuts, chilli, and wok tossed vegetables.
Options avalaible : chicken, beef,  - prawn or duck (+.50c), - tofu, vegetarian.

Pad Prik

A punchy stir fry with fresh green chilli, spring onion, carrot and fine beans.  One of our most spiciest dishes.
Options avalaible : chicken, beef, - prawn, duck (+.50), - tofu, vegetarian.

Pad Prew Wan

Thai style sweet and sour with fresh pineapple, spring onion and cherry tomato.  You can taste the fresh ingredients in this dish.
Options avalaible : chicken, beef, - prawn, duck (+.50), - tofu, vegetarian.

Stir Fry Ginger

A very healthy option and a great immune booster.  Fresh ginger finely sliced and wok stir fried with fresh vegetables and sliced chilli.  Choose your protein.

Stir Fry Red Curry

A stir fry using red curry paste wok fried with fine green beans, baby corn, Thai basil and fresh chilli.  Bursting with Thai flavours.
Options avalaible : chicken, beef, prawn, duck (+1€), tofu, vegetarian.

Pad Cha

This one is spicy!   Tender Irish fillet beef stir fried with fresh green peppercorns, Thai herbs and fresh vegetables in our homemade fresh chilli paste.  A staff favorite!

Thai Cracked Black Pepper Crispy Chicken

Brought to you by our Head Chef O! Our own hand floured crispy chicken tossed in a really delicious lightly peppered Thai sauce. Served with Steamed JasmIne Rice

All our meat is produced in Ireland. Vegetables are locally sourced where possible.

San Sab is proud to support local producers.